LakePoint Energy specializes in energy procurement and management of electricity and natural gas.  We are licensed to sell electricity and natural gas in all deregulated areas across the United States.  However, our core focus is in Ohio, PA, MI, Illinois and Kentucky where State Public Utility Commissions (PUC) have deregulated the sale of electricity and natural gas.  LakePoint Energy has become a leader in assisting consumers in the procurement and management of electricity and natural gas.

With electricity and natural gas deregulation, consumers have “The Power to Choose” their energy suppliers. With so many suppliers claiming to be the best, as consultants we do the research and ground work for you.

  •          Which Suppliers should you get quotes from?
  •          How do you know you are getting the best deal?
  •          How do you know which Supplier to choose?
  •          How long of a term should you sign up for?
  •          How do you manage these major energy expenses?
  •          How can one Supplier provide a better rate over another Supplier?
  •          How can you protect your company?

LakePoint Energy has built relationships with all the major local and national energy suppliers to ensure our customers get the most competitive pricing and latest products available to the market.

Our Services Include: Our Products Include:
·    Energy Procurement ·      Fixed Price
·    Supplier Management ·      Variable Price
·    Contract Negotiations ·      Fixed price-full Requirements
·    Market Intelligence ·      Fixed Price Block with remainder at index
·    Credit Negotiations ·      Index Buying
·    Demand Response  ·      Index with Fixed Price Trigger
·    Renewable Energy ·      Heat Rate

Our team specializes in energy procurement and management.  Take advantage of our companies Supplier relationships and our team’s ability to reduce your energy costs.  Currently serving over 200 industrial and commercial clients we are highly qualified to be your Energy Consultant Partners. 

Your company will save time, money, energy and have a professional negotiate on your behalf by outsourcing your electricity and natural gas negotiations to our energy team. We will ensure that your company gets the very best rates available in your market.

Best of all, our service is Free to you because it is paid by the Energy Supplier! Regardless of which electric supplier or natural gas supplier you choose, our fee is paid through the supplier. The fee is equal to or less than the commission that would be paid to a salesperson that is employed at any individual energy supply company.  We are paid the same fee by each supplier.  Making us completely unbiased!