Join Us – Become an Electricity and Natural Gas Sales Independent Agent with LakePoint Energy

Whether you are new to the industry or have a current book of business, LakePoint Energy is the right place to be. We are equipped with the tools, information and resources to contribute to your success.  LakePoint Energy is always looking for self- motivated independent sales consultants.

Do you want to be an Energy Broker – Consider a full or part-time career in electricity and natural gas sales

The deregulation of electricity and natural gas in many states has opened up opportunities for sales people with an entrepreneurial motivation to build their own business. Electricity and Natural Gas sales requires understanding the customer’s financial goals in controlling their energy costs. Not everyone has the same goals. Our knowledge and experience helps you understand this evolving marketplace. In addition, LakePoint Energy offers a compensation plan and services to sales agents that are the best in this business:

  • Recurring commissions for as long as you obtain customer renewals.
  • Increasing commission with your revenue growth.
  • Option for front-end loaded commissions: earn your money just three weeks after the new contract is signed! This provides you with immediate cash flow.
  • Training, so you really understand what you are selling like never before.
  • Never pay a fee to sell with us.
  • Back-end office support for custom pricing your deals. Our pricing desk staff will get your customers the very best prices!
  • Online access to view your contracted customers, electricity or gas usage, commissions paid, cash flow.
  • Additional services such as Utility Bill Audits.
  • Access to leads and CRM via
  • Obtain more money and benefits from LakePoint Energy
  • Learn about our commission plan here, apply for more information.


There are many things that come together to make the energy market such a great place to be. This is a real business that will take work and commitment to make a success. However, since there is no inventory, and you can invest as much or as little time as want, the risk is low and the benefits are huge.

The Product

You will be educating consumers about electric and / or natural gas. The great thing is that everyone needs energy, we can’t live without it and there is no inventory or shipping! Instantly every business becomes a potential customer. It’s the same energy and the same bill; they just pay less for it!

The Customer

Your customer is literally any company using electric or natural gas. Think about it:  the gas station, coffee shop, the movie theater, a restaurant, your customers are pretty much endless. You just have to educate them about the opportunity to save and give them a way to do it!

The Market

The energy market is a Trillion dollar market and people use energy 24/7. You can be in a position to be paid a percentage of that use.

Support and Benefits

Once you pass the broker screening process you will have access to the energy broker tools you need to become a successful energy broker. You also gain the support of someone who has made a great future for themselves in the energy market and knows how to keep growing. You will earn aggressive commissions and will have the opportunity to pave your own future.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Offer client a free analysis of their energy use.
  • Obtain the current electrical and or natural gas bill of the client and submit it.
  • Present the analysis to the client and gain acceptance to proceed.
  • The client pays nothing up-front, they simply pay their bill on the next scheduled meter read date.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are seeking motivated and goal driven sales professionals who have the desire and drive to help customers with their energy purchasing decisions. No experience is necessary; we provide the support necessary to help you achieve success quickly. This is an ideal position for anyone who has experience selling in the industrial, commercial, commercial real estate, municipal and government sectors. This includes people with experience in the following areas: Commercial Real Estate, Technical Product Sales, Business Services, Financial Services, B2BSales, etc.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Ability to engage people including; home owners, business owners, managers and plant engineers responsible for cost savings
  • Ability to build list of relevant contacts
  • Experience with a consultative sales approach
  • Previous experience with cold calling and customer prospecting.
  • Must be self-motivated with strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strong interpersonal, oral, listening, and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and presentation skills required.
  • Creative and flexible team player

If you are considering becoming an independent energy sales agent do not hesitate to contact LakePoint Energy. We will provide the support, advice, and expertise that are critical to your success in this industry.

Please complete the form below to learn more about the electricity and natural gas sales opportunities. You can also contact us via email at or call (866) 523-7700.