Energy Audits

Energy audits are an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy consumption in a building process or system.  The end-goal of an energy audit is to identify areas of high usage and waste and determine services and/or systems that will reduce your energy demand or control usage – without decreasing your production.two  puzlleDepending on the level of audit you need, a professional energy audit will:

  • determine where and how energy is used within a facility and areas of waste.
  • identify potential opportunities to save money.
  • quantify energy savings with implementation of energy-saving projects for investors and utility rebates qualifications.
  • prioritize energy conservation projects by time, cost, and return on investment.
  • identify existing pollution levels and forecast improvement with new systems.

The two most typically performed audits are General Audits and Investment-Grade Audits.

General Audit:  This audit examines  both operating costs and energy usage analysis (generally 12-26 months of utility reports).  It addresses demand rates and usage profiles, and provides sufficient data to support implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Investment-grade Audit:  This audit addresses financial investment on a more detailed level and determines facility upgrades based on costs and return on investment.  This level of audit is imperative to quantify  guaranteed savings for investors/shareholders

Utility Rebate Locator

Our nation’s demand for electricity is at an all-time high — and is projected to grow at least 40 percent within the next 25 years. Decreasing demand will help keep electric rates low and delay the need to build expensive new power plants in the future. Utilities are offering rebates and incentives to their customers to offset the cost of energy-savings projects and reduce their consumption now.

No-hassle rebate locator service. has extensive experience and long-standing relationships with utilities and program administrators. By providing us with basic criteria of your project, we can locate real-time incentive/rebate information for you.

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Need help navigating through the incentive/rebate application process? We can help!
In order to qualify for an Incentive Rebate, all Utility & Government Programs have an Application Process and every program’s application is different. If you have contracted with a vendor for services who doesn’t provide Incentive Rebate Application Processing, or a Project Manager without the time or resources to manage the application process, can help.