LakePoint Energy practices exclusively in the purchasing of energy on companies behalf for electricity and natural gas.  We specialize in helping businesses to reduce cost and risk by negotiating competitive electricity supply contracts.

LakePoint Energy works as your independent energy consultant, always representing your business, not the supplier. In partnership with LakePoint Energy’s network of endorsed suppliers, our consultants assist clients in every stage of the energy procurement process. There are no upfront expenditures, hourly fees, or retainers for your business. LakePoint Energy is compensated by the supplier and only if the client chooses to implement a recommended solution.

The complexity of purchasing energy can often result in missed opportunities and failing to obtain the lowest energy price, leaving money on the table.

  • PlanningLakePoint Energy monitors the electricity and natural gas market for best times to buy, renew, extend, or modify supplier contracts.
  • LakePoint Energy works for you to capture opportunities, avoid poor timing, and achieve target price levels that meet budget goals.  Strategies are created based on risk assessment, budgetary goals, market conditions, and timing.

The process of monitoring suppliers, managing electricity and natural gas supply, and tracking supplier contracts requires a significant investment of time and can be a substantial budget item. Determining an effective electricity and natural gas procurement strategy that fits your operational needs and management style is critical. Just as important is ongoing management after a supplier contract has been implemented. LakePoint Energy provides guidance and assistance at each step in a customized consultative manner.

Our process in our energy procurement services consists of executing the following five steps.

  1. Evaluation: Our team assesses your current and past invoices along with existing supplier contracts and programs to establish the best options going forward for purchasing energy.
  2. Bid Proposals:  We obtain bids from strategically selected electricity and natural gas suppliers. Your accounts pertinent bill information is organized into a professional and easy to understand proposal.
  3. The Power to Choose:  Our team will assist in recommending which suppliers program, rate, contract length and terms are most valuable to your organization.
  4. Further Negotiation: Our team will negotiate with the supplier to ensure the very best deal for your organization and handle the signing and processing of all paperwork involved.
  5. Continuous Support: Our team will continue to communicate with your organization and share important industry information and  any changes that can be made to better improve your current position.  We continue to monitor the energy markets for additional opportunities and continued due diligence of suppliers.

Definition of ‘Procurement’

  1. To attain possession of something, usually after exerting a substantial effort to do so.
  2. The purchasing of something usually for a company, government or other organization.
  3. Procurement is the letting of contracts for goods, works and services on the best possible terms.  This historically has been based on two criteria, price and quality, with a view to maximizing benefits for the procuring organization.

Contract Negotiations

LakePoint Energy has the knowledge and experience to negotiate on your behalf any and all facets of an energy supply contract.  Contract negotiation can be challenging and possibly very costly without the proper experience and relationships.  Our team negotiates on your behalf.  Contracts are generally written to protect the suppliers from risk at the expense of the energy buyer. Without the proper guidance and expertise you could find yourself on the short side of the stick.    Our experience in purchasing energy for hundreds of companies has allowed us to become experts in contract negotiations.

Our team will steer you in the right direction and protect your companies best interests.  Here are a few key contract components.

  • payment terms
  • performance assurance
  • contract language
  • terms and conditions