LakePoint has the industry knowledge and experience to assist you with your next energy purchase.  We know when to purchase energy for your company when it makes strategic sense. Instead of only using contract expiration dates to drive energy procurement,  we identify the best possible time to purchase energy by constantly monitoring market dynamics like regulations, economic data, historical performance and regional supply and demand.

Our strength in energy risk management and market intelligence enables us to anticipate a change in energy prices and contact your company to alert you when an opportunity arises to save money on electricity or natural gas.

Buying the best energy product at the lowest price depends on two factors – location and timing.

  • market intelligence2Location – Depending on the location of your facility, you may be able to buy energy from a number of third-party suppliers.  LakePoint Energy can alert your company to opportunities in your area and keep you up-to-date on any changes.
  • Timing - In a volatile market like energy, it’s crucial to track the market and take action when prices dip. LakePoint Energy closely monitors market dynamics to identify the best possible time to initiate a purchase.

Contract expiration dates don’t dictate that it’s time to buy.  Our team assists your company in making your purchase when the time is right.  The location of your facility and factors such as supply and demand, load usage are factored in to purchasing energy at the right time. Our market intelligence enables us to forecast a change in energy prices and communicate to you when it’s best to save money on electricity and natural gas.

Energy Market Insights

Our energy  specialists have extensive knowledge of the markets in which they operate, from  the constantly changing landscape in deregulated markets to the extensive rate  structures in regulated markets. Through ground intelligence supplemented with  formal research, these specialists actively monitor markets and indicators for  key changes, such as new market entrants, new technologies and innovations,  geopolitical risks, regulatory changes, and M&A activity.

Because we work across dozens of companies, we are evaluating and negotiating  alternative energy rates regularly. Through this frequent market presence and  formal monitoring, we bring intelligence on energy market trends, recent price points, input cost changes, and more. These insights provide you with an  informational advantage.

Pricing Trend Intelligence

LakePoint constantly monitors energy market conditions, including real-time NYMEX natural gas  price trends and electricity settlement prices. We use this knowledge to help  our clients understand buying opportunities for both electricity and natural  gas. Based upon this intelligence, we help our clients proactively renew or  extend commodity contracts at optimum times.

Competitive Supplier Intelligence

Not only do we follow industry reports and supplier news, but also, our team has ongoing  relationships with suppliers, learning about new pricing products, new markets  of entry/exit, and developing competitive markets.

Contract Intelligence

LakePoint helps clients execute and manage tens of thousands of contracts annually.  Through this process, our dedicated category contracting specialists stay  abreast of what protections are important for all major buying categories,  including energy, and have captured best-in-class terms and conditions for  each. With this intelligence, we help develop or modify contract templates for  each client that adhere to their specific requirements and risk tolerances,  ultimately accelerating contract execution and value realization, while  optimizing terms and conditions.