When you choose LakePoint Energy, you benefit from:

Extensive experience and expertise
LakePoint has the industry knowledge and experience to assist you with your next energy purchase. We know when to purchase energy for your company when it makes strategic sense. Instead of only using contract expiration dates to drive energy procurement, we identify the best possible time to purchase energy by constantly monitoring market dynamics like regulations, economic data, historical performance and regional supply and demand.

Peace of mind
As a leader in the commodity supply industry, you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen an established energy partner who will be able to assist you with your long and short-term energy needs.

Power in numbers
With a multitude of supplier partnerships and a team of dedicated energy consultants we have the infrastructure necessary to provide you with the unparalleled service you deserve.

Competitive products and pricing
Our expert industry experience and strong supplier relations ensures that we are able to offer competitive programs at aggressive rates.

Environmental leadership
We can provide you with simple, economical green products to help you reduce your environmental footprint and help create a cleaner, greener world.

Seamless service
Your local utility will continue to be responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the natural gas and electricity delivery systems to your home.

LakePoint Energy has an established base of customers and relationships with regional and local associations that have proven us to be able to be relied on as an honest and truthful consultant company to assist you with your energy needs.

Professional Representation
LakePoint Energy is a team of seasoned professionals with knowledge, experience and relationships within the North American Energy Industry. Our professionals:

  • demonstrate a high level of competence and ethical fitness for energy management, utility account management and customer service.
  • posses knowledge of the principles and practices of energy management related disciplines and laws governing and affecting energy professionals.
  • continue to improve the practice of energy management thru continuous education and professional development in the energy industry.

Unbiased Advice

Customer Service