Why should we buy our utilities from you?

LakePoint Energy does not sell any utility services. We simply give our clients independent, expert advice. Our recommendations relate to the most appropriate supplier and best programs for your organization.

Why should we use you to manage our utilities?

The main benefits are savings in costs and time. Typical reductions on utility costs are 5% to 25% on energy.

However, sometimes the time we save clients is of even greater value than the cost reductions on their utilities.  Since we do all the work associated with the audit of your existing utility costs, the analysis, the report, the implementation of recommendations accepted by you and the ongoing monitoring of your utility costs, you release extra time to concentrate on managing other key areas of your organization.

Even if you decide not to proceed with our cost saving recommendations, you will still receive a free report on your utilities, based on the results of our audit and analysis.

Why should I use LakePoint Energy consultants instead of another utility consultant?

Some consultants simply offer advice to their clients on a one-off basis, whereas LakePoint Energy will implement their recommendations, check all your incoming utility bills for you, track your energy profiles, manage all of your utilities for you, deal with any queries on your bills and provide an independent source of information.

We also continue to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible after the initial audit by regularly reviewing your utility costs and putting contracts out to tender.

What happens if I am tied into a contract with my existing utility supplier?

We will check your contracts thoroughly and establish that:

  • you are getting value for money
  • the supply contract is fair to you

Should either of these not be the case, we shall endeavour to correct them or to find a legitimate way out of your existing contract. We will then recommend a more suitable program or provider for your needs.

We can also help you to budget by predicting your forthcoming utility costs.

Why would we get better deals from suppliers via LakePoint Energy?

  • We know how best to analyse your data.
  • We know how to present it to make it attractive to suppliers.
  • We know which suppliers are most likely to want your type of business.
  • We know which is the best time to put your contacts out to tender.
  • Because of the volume of business we give suppliers we always receive keen prices.

This is what we do best for our clients. We are professional purchasing consultants.

I am interested, so what should I do now?

Please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment, at your convenience, to discuss how we can help your organization.

Q: What can you do for me that my current supplier can’t? How can you save us money?

A: Suppliers know that when LakePoint Energy is getting quotations, the situation is very competitive. They know the deal will get done and they will need to quote the lowest price to win the business. Also, since they don’t need to have their sales team involved, their prices can reflect that savings.

Q: I have a contract now, is there any point in my calling you?

A: Yes, there is. We can contract your electricity or natural gas to start at the conclusion of your present contract, regardless of who that contract is with.

Q. My goal is to get the lowest price, won’t I do better going direct?

A: No, you will not. We eliminate the sales cost for these suppliers. In addition, the only way to get the best price is to negotiate the best contract. Contracts are complex and subject to negotiation. Very often what seems to be the lowest price ends up being a high price, because the devil is in the details. We negotiate hundreds of these contracts every year so we know what to look for.

Q: What does it cost for you to help us buy energy?

A: There is no cost for this service. Much like your independent insurance agent helps you find the best price for your home and office insurance, LakePoint Energy is compensated by the supplier that you eventually contract with.

Q: How do I know I’ll get a better price from you than from the energy sales rep that calls me?

A: The answer is that LakePoint Energy offers you the product that the sales rep is pitching, plus five others, so you’re in control. Our job is to find the best company to provide your energy at the best price and the best terms. We work for you not any particular vendor. We have relationships with the most electricity and natural gas suppliers in our coverage area.

Q: What is your coverage area?

A: We provide our services in all of the deregulated states, with an emphasis on the Northeast and Central states.

Q: Aren’t all energy contracts the same? Isn’t price all that matters?

A: Those contracts are all very different. Very often what you think is the lowest price ends up being a high price, because people don’t understand the detailed terms and conditions. This is why using a broker or advisor is so important.

Q: I don’t have the time and resources to focus on buying energy, how can you help?

A: Everyone needs to do more with less. Chances are your staff is being pulled in lots of different directions. LakePoint Energy is an energy expert but we act as an extension of your staff. We do the legwork but keep your staff updated at all times. We minimize our client’s time commitment for what is a time consuming and complex process through a simplified course of action.

As a licensed energy broker, LakePoint Energy can negotiate the best prices for electricity and natural gas. We represent you, our customers. Using our regulatory knowledge and experience, you can be confident of securing the best energy options, regardless of your annual energy budget. There is NO CHARGE for our services.

Q: Can you help me?

A: Probably. We provide our services in all of the deregulated states.

Q: Who is LakePoint Energy?

A: LakePoint Energy is an independent energy broker and consulting company that assists companies in buying electricity and natural gas supply contracts. We also consult clients in how to reduce their energy consumption.