LakePoint Energy is accustom to delivering results, excellent service and bottom line savings to business customers. We help businesses both new and established manage their electric and natural gas costs and improve efficiency.  Take a look at  what customers are saying about us..

“LakePoint Energy is great!” we will always use them to buy our energy.  We are very satisfied with the products and services we have been receiving from them.”

- Shirley Sharp
Business Administrator
Our Lady of The Wayside

Our lady of wayside


“Lake Point Energy was able to secure a great rate for us and offer programs that significantly reduced the utility bills for a number of our members.  LakePoint Energy is clearly “customer focused” and not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. ”

- Terry Metcalf
Executive Vice President
Northeast Ohio Auto Dealership Association


 ”If you’re looking at changing energy providers, I recommend contacting LakePoint Energy.  LakePoint Energy was able to offer us competitive rates and the contract term we were looking for.

On top of that, they have great customer service.  We wanted to be sure that changing providers would not interfere with us receiving a utility incentive rebate for a project we had committed to doing but had not yet been completed.  LakePoint Energy did the leg work for us to make sure the rebate would not be jeopardized by switching providers.”

- Vincent Loschiavo
Antonio’s Pizza

antonios pizza


LakePoint Energy has kept us informed on industry changes affecting our company and continue to place our facilities into great energy deals.  Shopping for electricity, utility bill analysis and Demand Response programs are just a few examples of how they have helped us over the years keep up with the changing energy market.

- Bruce Ferris
Ferris Stake House & Tavern


I really appreciated LakePoint Energy’s ability to save us money by bringing us the best prices and contract terms for our commercial properties.  They provide excellent customer service and keep us informed on important industry news that can affect our bottom line. I especially like that they work with multiple energy suppliers because that assures me of the best price and term for our electric and gas energy needs.  “Integrity, pride and excellence are words that best describe LakePoint Energy. I highly recommend them.”

- Michael Niederst
NM Residential



LakePoint Energy provided us the opportunity to review reduced electric rates and made the process of enrolling our business with a third party supplier quick, simple and to the point. The enrollment was completed within minutes.  We received a great rate from FirstEnergy Solutions and since the charges and savings were included as a separate item on our current electric invoice, I did not have to enter a new vendor.  This process made the change effortless!”

- Tony George
Corporate Management Group

georg group logo


Lakepoint Energy came highly recommended.  When rising prices began affecting our business along with the downturn in the economy, Lakepoint was instrumental in helping us stay under our utility budget.  They added tremendous value to my company by simplifying our energy needs.

We have been in the restaurant business for 3 generations and we pride ourselves on delivering tremendous value through our products and great customer service.  It is always important to do business with companies that have the same philosophies and Lakepoint energy exceeded my expectations in the areas of Gas and Electric supply purchasing.  Amazingly, the team at Lakepoint beat my expectations and simplified the complex world of deregulation.

Over the years we had many people offer us the best price, but Lakepoint customized our program to not only lower our costs, but they also gave us great advice on how to better manage our usage.  It has been well over two years that Lakepoint became our Vendor of choice for energy and it was amazing how they kept us informed and monitored not only the market, but our company in order to continue to get the best prices possible in Gas and electric.

It was great doing business with Lakepoint Energy.  I highly recommend them to any business owner large or small.  They have added tremendous value to my company and I know they can do the same for yours.

- Perry Stancato