Demand Solutions

Reduce energy consumption costs through an extensive facility audit to identify areas of waste.


Facility Audits

Lighting upgrades:

  • save 50-70% of energy costs.

  • replace obsolete fixtures that are no longer in existence.

  • increase employee safety, productivity, and product quality.

  • improve the overall appearance of your facility.

Effective lighting solutions include design and installation of fixtures with:

  • high-efficiency ratings =substantially reduce energy load.

  • longer bulb-life = less maintenance costs.

  • less carbon emissions = better for the environment.

  • special task lighting = improved quality control.

  • motion sensors = elimination of manual controls within designated areas.


HVAC Controls:

Implementation of HVAC control systems in a facility is a conservation project that yields both a rapid project completion – and fast return on investment.

HVAC control systems can save 30-40% of heat/cool costs per month. EPAct federal tax deductions and utility Incentive/Rebate Programs are currently covering up to 70% of total project cost.
The HVAC Control process includes:

  • Replacement of numerous thermostats and switches with electronic Sensors that eliminate thermostat tampering.

  • Temperature set-back during non-production times and moderate weather.

  • Information and training that will foster energy awareness within all levels of your organization.

  • Synchronization of all heat/cool equipment into a single, user-friendly computer that allows you to view run times by piece, control areas by zone, and decrease energy usage during demand peak rates.


Lighting Retrofits:

Lighting in the office place can often be inefficient and expensive. Businesses looking to cut costs are turning to lighting retrofitting to curb costs. These expenses can often total up to thousands of dollars each year, handcuffing some companies financially.

A retrofit involves modifying the existing lighting fixture usually by replacing inefficient lamps and the ballasts with more efficient ones. This process can often entail something as simple as adding reflectors and removing unnecessary lamps or as extensive as replacing the entire lighting system.

Benefits of completing a lighting retrofit are energy savings, improved lighting quality, reducing maintenance and labor costs, pollution reduction and green power systems. If any, or all, of these are something your company may be interested in please contact your commercial energy consultant.


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